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Maximize your sales performance with G3 Catman

In the highly competitive retail sector, big battles are fought over shelf space. With thousands of products placed in dozens of retail outlets, category managers in the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) and retail sector need every advantage they can get to position their brands for growth. The amount of data at play is staggering: In addition to historical data needed, there are constant updates of products and stores that require more than simple Excel files to perform detailed business analysis. 


G3 Catman gives category managers and retailers the edge they need by combining multiple data sources on a scalable, single platform, resulting in a powerful analysis of a drillable, presentation-ready dashboards. If you spend hours wrangling POS Data in Excel or CSV files, G3 Catman is the right tool for you.  Backed by the power of the Microsoft cloud, G3 Catman enables your organization’s analysis to soar to new heights!

Who We Serve

Servicing some of the largest players in the CPG industry and the biggest retail giants across the globe, G3 Catman continues to provide for hundreds of users.  No matter the differences of geographical area, currency, category, and culture, our G3 Cloud’s reliability and scalability remain supreme. 


With G3 Catman you will be able to:

Key Features

Pre-Built Model

You don’t have to start from scratch! The model includes a complete set of industry standard measures and KPIs, needed for the analysis of POS/Scan Data.

Cloud Based Solution

Because we are cloud based, you will be up and running in a very short time and always have visibility to the latest information to make better business decisions.

Collaborative Environment

G3 Catman lets you easily share important category management insight to internal and external users.


G3 Catman was built with the highest levels of protection, taking into account industry standards for security protocols, so you never have to worry about IT compliance.

Sizeable ROI

When using G3 Catman, you gain immediate efficiencies through all channels of the retail chain, allowing you to focus your time on analysis and decision making rather than data wrangling. These operational competencies not only save time and money, but also provide uninterrupted category knowledge and data flow.


Do you need specific, calculated measures? Or perhaps you would like to modify one of our existing dashboards or even build a new one? No problem, we offer these customizable options in our support plan and service level agreement.

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Our solutions allow you to see your data from a new perspective, giving you dynamic and agile views to mastermind your organizational strategy

Accessing all your data in one place has never been so easy and fast.