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Gensa Group develops custom BI services, utilizing Microsoft and Tableau technologies, that enable you to focus on gaining insights and knowledge from your data.  We help you architect your data needs in a scalable, extendable and secure environment, while keeping an eye on the end users’ requirements.


By combining technologies, data sources, and applications, Business Intelligence allows you to create better business decisions. Business Intelligence presents your data in a digestible format that is visually pleasing with impressive graphics. In a matter of a few clicks, you can control and swap out KPIs as well as breakdown measurements to understand your data better.

We are an industry-focused, global partner helping customers in retail and CPGs, hospitality, financial services and energy. Understanding the industry challenges that our customers face on a daily basis is cornerstone of our value proposition. Our commitment with you goes beyond simple project development. Because of our deep-rooted industry knowledge, we deliver better analysis.

We adopt an agile methodology and understand that Business Intelligence is ever evolving.  To be agile, we mean to constantly and swiftly redefine, learn and transform to meet your organizational needs.  Working triumphantly in a steadfast way is how we get you to achieve your goals. And for that reason, we develop deep, long-term relationships with our customers, seeing you as our partner.   

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